About Giggate

About Giggate

Our Mission: To connect an emerging workforce to gig opportunity and monetary reward through social networking.   

Company Overview:  Giggate® emerged in 2016 as a startup, gig economy model.  Over the past decade, we’ve seen rapid acceleration of independent workers, leveraging career education, training and technology, to build solid career connections that produce viable income opportunity through models such as Uber, Airbnb, TaskRabbit and the like.  A 2015 market study conducted by Accenture, on the gig economy, predicted that “Forty-three percent of the United States workforce (60 million people) will be [independent workers] by 2020, which is roughly four times the number of [independent workers] in 2015 (15.5 million)”.  Giggate® developed a technology solution and services to facilitate, in part, the influx of independent workers, as technology evolves and restructures the workforce.

Our Products / Services:  Our technology solution and services are a  career-driven, social media platform and mobile application, where members post to gigs on gigPortal and through newsfeed, authenticate resume credentials through AuthentiHire, and engage in familiar social media  activity.  Employer networks and career training affiliates conduct targeted advertisements on Giggate® through AdLibb®. In addition to the interactive Career Space, familiar social media features include: uploading photo albums, streaming videos / music, posting to newsfeed, chatting, sharing / liking content, joining groups, events, forums, blogs, and other engaging activities.

As social media continues to play an integral role in the socialization of the workforce, our preferences for how, when and where we work, creates radical transformational demands on 21st century businesses and the workforce. Giggate® gains market intelligence on this trending evolution to consistently roll-out digital career products and services that incite innovation within the gig economy space. 

Work at Giggate®:
At Giggate®, we celebrate a culture of innovation where ideas are tapped for tangible value.  We firmly believe in encouraging an entrepreneurial spirit, promoting trust and a great sense of resolve in meeting challenge head-on.  The camaraderie amongst team members is quite exciting, and we fully enjoy the positive energy that flows during pioneering projects.  Join us in creating a dynamic career! Visit gigPortal for upcoming gig postings.
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