Applications of Xinyu Enameled Wire


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    Polyamide Enameled Wire

    Temperature resistance level: H level (temperature index 180)

    Main performance: The product has high thermal shock resistance and a small surface friction coefficient.

    Application: Suitable for long-term operation of high-temperature motors, instrumentation communication equipment coil windings, especially suitable for high-speed winding applications.

    Polyimide Lacquered Round Enameled Copper Wire

    Temperature resistance level: Class C (temperature index 220)

    Main performance: The product has high heat resistance, mechanical properties and solvent resistance, and is higher than polyester polyester imide.

    Application: Suitable for coils of motors and instrument communication equipment that work for a long time at high temperatures.

    Polyester Enameled Round Copper Wire

    Temperature resistance level: Class B (temperature index 130)

    Main performance: This product has excellent mechanical and electrical properties, thermal shock resistance and solvent resistance.

    Application: Suitable for coil windings of electrical appliances, instruments and telecommunications equipment.

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